State Rep. Matt Bradford



Bradford introduces bill to protect patient rights in shale fracking disclosure


HARRISBURG, May 25 � State Rep. Matt Bradford introduced a bill today that would ensure the rights of patients and doctors to full medical disclosure in natural gas fracking � a hot-button issue that has caused serious concerns regarding Act 13 of 2012, Gov. Tom Corbett�s recently enacted Marcellus Shale drilling law.


�As written, the Corbett Marcellus Shale law could prevent doctors from sharing vital information with their patients � including the impact of potentially toxic fracking chemicals on the public health,� said Bradford, D-Montgomery. �Protecting the health of the people of Pennsylvania should have been a top priority of Act 13, but it�s clear the people of Pennsylvania took a back seat to the drillers.�


Bradford�s bill, H.B. 2415, would remove the controversial �gag rule� language from the new law and explicitly affirm the right of medical professionals to share information they receive from drilling companies with patients and the general public health community without violating any non-disclosure requests.


�Politicians shouldn�t come between doctors and their patients. Public health should be our primary concern when it comes to legitimate questions raised by medical professionals,� Bradford said. �Ensuring public health requires open dialogue between medical professionals, their patients and the public. My bill makes clear that neither politicians, nor multi-national drilling companies, should stand in the way of public health.�


Bradford's bill is part of the Marcellus Compact, a six-bill legislative package that fixes the flawed, industry-friendly Marcellus Shale law, known as Act 13 of 2012.



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